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Flexibility is important. Piccolo has several packages to suit all your needs.

Whether your priorities are growing your business, defining your brand or executing existing Sales and Marketing Strategies, Piccolo can help.

Get the assistance of a degree qualified marketer with 15 years experience, without the commitment of a full-time employee. Piccolo has a package designed to suit your business.

Piccolo is the perfect solution for your business’ needs, whatever they may be:

  • Flexible support without overhead costs while your business grows.
  • An extra set of hands for a one-off project or campaign.
  • Cover leave of an existing employee.
  • An ongoing relationship with someone you can trust who can learn the nuances of your business.
  • Block hours: The most popular option is to choose to pre-purchase a block of 10, 20 or 40 hours. Time is drawn down in 15-minute increments with detailed reporting showing where time has been spent.
  • Hourly: An hourly rate is available for smaller projects and one-off pieces of work.
  • Day rate: A rate per day can be agreed to for a set period of hours. Including on or off-site.
  • Project: A rate agreed based on project scope.
  • Full-Time Employee: Let’s be honest, if this option appealed to you, you’re probably in the wrong spot. BUT reach out and I’m sure I can help you write a position description and load a vacancy onto LinkedIn!